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We are organizing tours in Israel prior to the start of the conference.

Please specify in the registration form if you are interested in participating in any of the tours

The tours will combine visits to democratic and innovative schools in Israel with local culture and nature.

The tours to the Northern Region of Israel will depart from Givat Haviva and include accommodation.

The tours in the Hadera area and Tel Aviv are day trips. Accommodation is at Givat Haviva.
* The booking of accommodation at Givat Haviva on March 28 is the responsibility of the participants and requires payment for an additional night of accommodation in accordance with the various proposed options.

  • The tour programs are subject to change in accordance with the constraints of the  schools
  • The tours will only take place if there are sufficient participants
  • The tours do not include the cost of the meals, food can be purchased during the tour
  • Additional information regarding the departure and pickup points will be published after registration, in accordance with the location of the participants
  • Additional tours will be announced shortly

29/3 Sharon Area Tour

29/3 Ramat Gan Tour 

29/3 Tel Aviv – Jaffa Tour 

28-29/3 Tour to the North – sold out 

29/3 Jerusalem Tour – cenceled 

Sharon Area Tour

with Yaacov Hecht

The role of education in creating a better future

29/3 We will start the tour at the Democratic School in Givat Olga where we will hear about the importance of a unique school in a heterogeneous neighborhood, many of the residents of which are new immigrants from Ethiopia and the former Soviet Union and come from difficult socio-economic backgrounds.

We will hear about the many challenges and solutions that have led the school to become a successful path of both personal and community growth

From Givat Olga we will continue to the Democratic School in Hadera which was founded in 1987 by Yaacov Hecht and a group of young parents and educators who wanted to establish a school that will allow its students to work and learn in conditions of freedom of choice, while a daily experience of life in a democratic society.

Today, twenty years after its founding, the school belongs to the official Education ministry  and  attended by about 400 students aged 4-18.

The school provides the children learn in an environment of human dignity, freedom and choice, and this is accompanied by adults with a defined role, the essence of which support students, each to his personal growth journey.Integrated school children with special needs – children with moderate mental retardation (Down syndrome), students with learning difficulties and disabilities and students who have dropped various education system ‘normal’ and other such reasons.

We will continue the tour to Ein Shemer Ecological Greenhouse. The place was founded by Avital Geva and his team in 1976. Another community garden, grew the Institute for Research and Development Innovation with students who come from all towns in the region. In 2004, the greenhouse became a non-profit organization, and opened its doors to many schools in the area. Today, an incubator educational center for multidisciplinary education, has hundreds students and researchers from the communities surrounding it, thousands participate in workshops and courses, and hundreds of teachers from schools throughout Israel and the world, who want to develop and implement learning environments and educational approach inspired by the greenhouse. Motif pedagogical central greenhouse is a connection to the real world challenges, connection to industry, experts and researchers. greenhouse in partnership with ten factories and twenty experts, inspiring challenges in innovative and accompany the students in their studies. students researchers and inventors around these challenges, and combine learning around the project, learning and working in teams. We are owned by the Menashe Regional Council and supervised by the ministry of education.

We will visit Ein Hod, a picturesque artists’ village at the foot of the Carmel Mountains, where you can roam the galleries, artist workshops, as well as several cafes and restaurantsFrom Atlit we will visit Ein Hod, a picturesque artists’ village at the foot of the Carmel Mountains, where you can roam the galleries, artist workshops, as well as several cafes and restaurants

Ramat Gan

Curiosity, initiative, self-fulfillment and a sense of belonging – A tour of the “This Preschool is Me” program in the city of Ramat Gan

We will start the day with a visit to preschools which are part of the “This Preschool is Me” program, a unique program that was developed and has been operating in Ramat Gan for four years. We will meet with the educational teams that implement the principles of the 21st century which have converted the preschools into educational environments promoting initiative, curiosity, self-fulfillment and a sense of belonging. These are preschools in which the children and the staff influence daily happenings in both the preschool and in the community

From here we will continue to a joint meeting of visions and thinking at the urban HUB. This is an innovative center offering students a unique learning experience. We will learn about the development process of the hub, the urban educational vision it promotes and the process of change the educational staff undergo during their professional development

The next stop will be at a unique special education school established in cooperation with the Ramat Gan Safari. This school provides children with disabilities the opportunity to study in a live environment stimulating significant personal and interpersonal development. Besides the core subjects, the school program includes significant educational research activities aimed at connecting written words to the animals in the Safari as well as to nature

We will end the tour with a visit to an agricultural farm spreading over a 10 acre green area. The farm hosts children on a daily basis from all of the educational frameworks in Ramat Gan for active agricultural learning. The children study in groups, explore nature, conduct experiments and amplify their knowledge independently. The farm is a festivity of environmental learning that is related to what is happening outside the farm and the classroom

Tel Aviv – Jaffa Tour

Between one to himself, one to his friend and one to the environment

29/3 We will start the morning at the Bialik Rogozin Campus in Tel Aviv. This school was established in 1955 and its classes range from pre-school to matriculation, 13 educational years. Due to its unique location the school integrates children of refugees and foreign workers from 48 different countries. This school relates equally to Jewish, Moslem and Christian holidays and customs. The school provides both educational requirements and a support system throughout the day to its community in many creative ways. We will hear how human capital is recruited for the benefit of the community

We will continue to the Open Democratic School in Jaffa which was established in 1989. This was the second democratic school to be established in Israel and its pupils range from 5-18 years, all from the Tel Aviv-Jaffa area. The High School has a Unique Social Center that enables each student to personalize his own study program, both internal and external studies, as part of which each student can combine matriculation studies together with the development of individual abilities and skills.  For example, a student can attend long-term advanced extracurricular studies at a hairdresser, baker, radio broadcaster, etc., in accordance with the interests of the student.

We will hear how this program operates and also learn about open learning centers

We will wander around the flea market in Jaffa, the second hand market as well as a shopping center with boutiques, galleries, cafes and restaurants which are a basic staple of Israeli culture

Thereafter we will meet with some initiators: two young ladies, graduates of the Democratic Education Institutes Greenhouse, that run a moving project which fosters self and physical esteem in women in general, and young girls in particular, using a combination of various tools from the worlds of psychology and informal education, plus fashion styling and the recycling of clothing. How does this all inter-connect? Come and see!

Tour to the North

Diverse innovative educational methods


28/3 Day 1:

Our tour to the North will start in the Jezreel valley at the Democratic School located in Nahalal, The Democratic School is a part of the unique culture of the Jezreel Valley

From Nahalal we will continue to Nazareth where we will be hosted by the Myziada School, a primary school for children at risk. The principal of the school principal, Dima Afifi, uses innovative educational methods among the teaching staff. This unique and pioneering approach has resulted in the school receiving numerous awards including the title of ‘leading pedagogical school’. The school believes in the connection between pleasure and motivation, as well as the connection between passion and the ability to think and also recognizes the power of dialogue

From the school we will tour the city of Nazareth including the pedestrian mall, the market and the Church of the Annunciation (also referred to as the Basilica of the Annunciation) which was built on the spot where it is believed that the angel Gabriel announced to the Virgin Mary that she would conceive and become the mother of Jesus

Supper, accommodation and discussion circles on the lawns of Kibbutz Amir

28/3 Day 2:

We will spend the morning at the Einat Democratic School, one of the older democratic schools, where we will have the opportunity to meet and talk to the students. We will hear about the school’s personal mentoring program in which, every year, each student can select a significant adult to mentor his personal growth. This program has been in practice at the school for many years and is considered a success

We will then visit the Sudbury Model Kanaf Democratic School in Moshav Eliad. The school was founded in 1994 and is located on Moshav Eliad in the southern area of the Golan Heights. The school has about 120 students aged 4-18 years. The students are not assigned classes since a Sudbury-based school advocates democracy with the students taking complete personal responsibility for their own education

and end the tour with a swim in the Sea of Galilee


Arabs, Jews and in between


We will open our tour in “hand in hand” school where jews and arabs teach and learn together.the students come from all around the city and we have Muslims, Jews, Christians, Duruz, Cherkessian and Armenian in our school community.

The school offers a unique educational experience based on an Arab- Jews partnership. through giving each child a worm, kind and supportive care we hope to give the opportunity of individual development.  

The school brings together Jewish and Arab children as part of an egalitarian and thus reduces the prejudices, fears and misunderstandings and reinforces tolerance, respect and the will to live together in equality and peace. The basis of equitable school meeting is about perception bi – lingual language that is not only an essential means of mutual communication but also a key element in the culture of each individual. Hebrew and Arabic receive equal status at school, children learn both simultaneously. The hope is that every child will reach all learning, writing and expression in the other language in no less than that of their first language.

Our next stop is in Sudbury School which located a distance of a few blocks away. Sudbury is a unique school in the democratic stream, there is no timetable and no general duty of participating in the various activities that take place at school. Learning takes place everywhere and at any time at school, whether in conversation, game, self study or in groups. School rules are set and enforced by the students and staff.

In the afternoon we will reach the “factory“- A Social Gallery, a business consortium which shows various artists from the city.

We will enter the OLD CITY through the Jaffa Gate of on a short tour and will finish at the Western Wall.

  • The tour programs are subject to change in accordance with the constraints of the schools
  • The tours will only take place if there are sufficient participants
  • The tours do not include the cost of the meals, food can be purchased during the tour
  • Additional information regarding the departure and pickup points will be published after registration, in accordance with the location of the participants
  • Additional tours will be announced shortly

(Tour registration form – foreign guests do not need to pay extra, inquire where the participant will be staying the night before the tour)